MP3 Editor Pro

Record, edit and promote audio files with visual operation through straight and logically designed interface.

Record, Edit and Enhance Audio FilesAudio Recording

MP3 Editor Pro is designed with a powerful sound recording feature, enabling you to capture audio from almost any sound sources like musical instruments, human voices, online streaming audio, line-in, cassette tapes, LP and tons more. The recording is then displayed in the editor, then you can perfect it and output in the format needed.

Editing & Enhancement

After you input an audio file or record an audio sample, you can perform visual editing like cut, copy, paste, delete, trim, etc. MP3 Editor Pro provides audio effects like echo, fade in/out, chorus, normalize and a number of filters to make the sound stylish. There are also tools for noise removal.

Audio Batch Processing

In case you have hundreds of audio files to process, MP3 Editor Pro builds in a batch audio converter that can convert unlimited number of audio files and/or apply one or more audio effects. It saves amount of time when dealing with tedious audio conversion work without setting effects for each file separately.

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MP3 Editor Deluxe

Record, edit, enhance, burn and backup! It provides all you need for music creation and more.

Record, Edit, Enhance, Burn and BackupAudio Recording, Editing & Enhancement

MP3 Editor Deluxe is able to capture every bit of sound you hear, edit them with millisecond precision and add stylish effects to make them unique. From raw material to polished music, you just need to hit the mouse! Compared to the Pro version, it provides better support for all audio formats & takes less time when processing.

Audio CD Ripper/Burner

Specially provided to MP3 Editor Deluxe users - Audio CD Ripper is useful when you need to backup your purchased music CD or copy the song tracks on the CD borrowed from your friends. You may store them in your harddrive or enjoy them on portable players. Another handy tool is the Audio CD Burner, which helps burn your recordings, downloaded audio files or tracks copied from audio CD to create your own music CD to play in CD player.

Joiner, TTS, WMA Info Editor & More

MP3 Editor Deluxe provides combines several tools you may need during audio creation. An audio joiner is to join separate audio files into one; Text-to-Speech converter lets you turn text into human voice; Besides the ID3 Editor, a WMA Info Editor is provided to write in information about the artist, album, and year; there are more tools included in Deluxe version.

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Audio Merge Expert

Join multiple audio files or separate chapters of audiobooks into one to output as WMA, MP3, WAV & OGG.

Join Multiple Audio FilesAudio Merging

Audio Merge Expert is able to merge separate audio files into one big file without quality loss. It allows you to input audio files of the same/different formats and everything will be done in a split second. It's a perfect assistant for users who love enjoying audiobooks but feel interrupted by the pause and clip between each chapter.

Audio Conversion

Another main function of Audio Merge Expert is to convert audio files. Just input the audio you need to convert and switch the mode to "Convert". Batch conversion is provided, that means you can add thousands of audio files. Now you can enjoy the joined music or any other audio files in your portable devices.

Presets & Parameters to Control Output

Even if you don't know a thing about audio merging or conversion, you can get what you want though selecting quality presets for each format; if you are a pro, that's better - it provides manual numeric adjustment in case you find nothing that matches you needs in the presets.

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Burn & rip music CDs, create movie DVDs, backup important data, rip/make/burn ISO images, erase burned discs & more.

CD/DVD/ISO Creation & BackupData/Video/Audio Burner

BurnPro is an excellent disc burner tool, including a data CD/DVD burner to backup your important data like business document & family photos, a video DVD burner to burn the movies you collected to DVD (even Blue-Ray and HD ones) and a audio CD burner to create music CD from the recordings and audio files you got.

Audio CD Ripper

Audio CD Ripper of BurnPro is useful when you've got a large collection of CDs or the media player you use doesn't come with a built-in CD ripper. Now you can copy all the music CDs you have into your computer. The ripped tracks can be saved as uncompressed WAV & WMA of different qualities, including lossless WMA.

ISO Maker/Burner/Ripper

BurnPro provides an ISO maker to create ISO images from folders or any type of files; An ISO ripper is convenient when you need to create an ISO directly from a CD/DVD disc so that you can get an exact copy that can be mounted to the virtual drive later; More than that, the ISO burn helps write the ISO images you create or download to discs to use in your drive.

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Absolute Audio Converter

Convert all audio files you can find like MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, M4A, OGG, AAC and more.

Convert Audio Files in One BatchAudio Conversion of All Formats

Absolute Audio Converter supports all audio formats you can find, including some rare ones: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AC3, M4A, MP2, FLAC, RA, MPC, RIFF, RAW, TTA, VOX, GSM... The compatibility issue will not bother you any more and you can enjoy the music anytime or anywhere you want with all media player applications like WMP/WinAmp/RealPlayer or devices like iPod/iPhone/PSP.

Sound Extraction

Absolute Audio Converter is a feature-rich audio converter which comes with ability to extract audio from video without hassle. Converting multifarious video files to audio formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, OGG and so on can be done in a matter of clicks.

Output Presets

Don't worry if you are inexperienced in audio conversion - Absolute Audio Converter provides many presets for each output format. You don't bother to change parameters one by one & simply select the preset you need from the list.

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Absolute Audio Recorder

Record anything you hear from online streaming, external devices, media player software, etc.

Record Anything You HearUniversal Sound Recording

Absolute Audio Recorder is a powerful sound recorder application that can record from microphone, external devices, streaming audio like radio shows, satellite radio, music from online radio stations, social music services and other web-sites. It can digitize analog audio like cassette tapes or vinyl records.

Recording Schedule

More and more people learn the importance of planning a recording schedule. Absolute Audio Recorder is able to set a specific time to automatically start/stop recording. You won't miss any of your favorite radio show from now on.

Recording Enhancement

After recording, if you need to perfect the recorded sound like reduce the noise or cut the silence, you may activate built-in Absolute Audio Editor. The recording will displayed in waveform and you can visually customize it for better playback or later burning.

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Jan 5 - MP3 Editor Pro

This release includes various features of audio recording, editing and enhancement with easy.

Jan 3 - MP3 Editor Deluxe

Get this MP3 Editor Deluxe in your toolbox to record sound, edit it and burn it to an audio CD.

Dec 22 - Audio Merge Expert

Audio Merge Expert is able to merge separate audio files into one big file without quality loss.

Dec 18 - Absolute Audio Recorder

Absolute Audio Recorder enables you to record anything you hear from online streaming, external devices, media player software, etc.

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